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Registered Does

Beautiful “Kentucky Moonshine Babe” due to kid in November

Callie (Black and White)

SIRE: Johnny Fever

DAM: Callissa

D.O.B. 2-4-22

B.W. 6.0. W.W.

Birth Rank: Triplet

HoneySuckle Rose (Rose and Gray with Markings)

SIRE: Johnny Fever

Dam: Reese



Birth Rank: Twin

“BKK Kentucky Moonshine Babe” was added to our herd May 2021.  She has impressive length and height for 8 months of age.  Babe is registered through the National Kiko Registry and was purchased from Bohannon Ky. Kikos of Bardstown. 


We are very proud of all 10 of our yearlings.  The ladies have great body structure with long length and height.   They are now 18 months old and ready to breed this fall.  Below is Kit Kat and Oreo.  Our granddaughters named all our yearlings for their love of Chocolate.

Callissa and Chocolate Bar are both yearlings from our one of our outstanding Kiko Does.

Reece and Teddy both yearlings from Sandra, another one of our outstanding Kiko Does.


We have 12 new doelings added to our herd this year.  All our just beautiful to look at!  Val and Violet were born on Valentines Day from our beautiful herd leader, Kiki, Kiko Doe.

Poppy and Beatrix are both doelings born in February.

Herd grazing on an August morning.


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