About Us


The Shirley Family Farm consists of 120 acres located in the beautiful rolling farm lands of north-central Kentucky. The farm has been with the Shirley family since it’s purchase in 1903. The farm is currently owned and operated by Tony and Debi Shirley.

Now retired, Tony has background in teaching Agriculture, being an FFA (Future Farmers of America) Advisor, and later a County Extension Agent for Agriculture for the University of Kentucky.

Debi is a retired elementary music educator with a love for animals and gardening. In between caring for the farm, she spends time with her three grandchildren.

Our Farming Philosophy

Our goal is to produce quality cross-bred breeding stock for the commercial goat industry. Our current herd consists of Kiko and Kiko-Savanna crosses. These two breeds were chosen for their maternal instincts, disease-resistance, and quality meat production.

Our goats are mainly foraged-based with just enough grain to keep them coming to the barn. They are given free-choice of veterinary-developed mineral blend. Goats are in rotated pastures to help control parasites and to provide clean and fresh forage. Proper vaccination schedules are adhered to in order to keep the animals healthy, but no hormones are used.

We believe in sustainable farming practices, such as, the use of legumes to improve pasture quality, cover crops to prevent soil erosion, and applying only fertilizers determined by soil test analysis. It is our goal to maintain the quality of the farm land so that it may be passed on to the next generation.

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