2021 Bucklings for Sale

For pricing, questions, or additional pictures, email djshirley59@icloud.com.

Full Bred Kiko Triplets

Strong triplet males, full Kiko born mid Febuary. Seen below with mother, an 88% Kiko doe.

Two are twin black bucklings (one has been sold) with white speckled ears, and one white buckling.

Full Bred Kiko Buckling

Black and tan full Kiko buckling (right), with Doe full Kiko Sandra below.

Kiko/Savanna Mix Twin Bucklings

Snow white, strong male bucklings.

Kiko/Savanna White Buckling with Tan Face

Mother is 100% Savannah.

Herd Sire (SOLD)

Herd Sire Blackbeard (SOLD) , seen below, is an Kiki Unregistered black buck who has sired 40 beautiful, multi colored kids in the past 2 years.

Bucklings for Sale

All 2020 bucklings are sold! Check back next spring for new kids for sale!