Bucklings Now Available – June 2024

24 Excellent quality Commercial 3 month old Kiko Bucks ( most carry the blue-eyed genetic trait from sire)
Sire New Zealand Registered Kiko Buck.

$250.00 each.

If you want us to reserve a buck until October 1st. $350.00 with a required $100.00 deposit.

Returning customers & buying more than one goat $25.00 discount each. 

All 2023 Bucklings are currently sold out. 

As of March 23rd, all Spring kidding is completed. We have 33 kids on the ground with 19 bucklings & 14 doelings for sale beginning in May. This is a colorful kid crop featuring solid black, white, red, rose as well as, frosted, paint, and beautifully dappled doelings and bucklings. These healthy kids are high quality with great heights & widths. We will post 3 month weights on each individual kid starting in May.

We will have weaned (3 month old) doelings and bucklings for sale beginning May 1st.

Bucklings available $225-375 (ALL SOLD)

Doelings available $325-475 (ALL SOLD)

*We are taking reservations now for any doeling or buckling for $50.00 and will tag before pick-up arrival date.

*We also offer a discount of $25.00 for purchases of more than one & returning customers.


Information on 2021 Buckling Sales (All sold)

For pricing, questions, or additional pictures, email djshirley59@icloud.com.

(all sold) Full Bred Kiko Triplets

Strong triplet males, full Kiko born mid Febuary. Seen below with mother, an 88% Kiko doe.

Two are twin black bucklings (one has been sold) with white speckled ears, and one white buckling.

Kiko/Savanna Mix Twin Bucklings

(sold) Snow white, strong male bucklings.

Kiko/Savanna White Buckling with Tan Face

(sold) Mother is 100% Savannah.

(SOLD) Full Bred Kiko Buckling

(sold) Black and tan full Kiko buckling (right), with Doe full Kiko Sandra below.

(SOLD) Kiki/Savannah Cross silver-backed buck.

Herd Sire (SOLD)

Herd Sire Blackbeard (SOLD) , seen below, is an Kiki Unregistered black buck who has sired 40 beautiful, multi colored kids in the past 2 years.

(SOLD) 2020 Bucklings for Sale

All 2020 bucklings are sold! Check back next spring for new kids for sale!

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